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Shareholder Advocacy


We believe engaged shareowners can play an important role in improving the financial, environmental, social and corporate governance performance of companies by:

  • Voting shareholder proxies in accordance with ESG criteria
  • Engaging management in dialogue on issues of concern
  • Initiating or supporting shareholder resolutions at annual stockholders meetings aimed at persuading companies to adopt higher standards of corporate responsibility
  • Supporting public policy initiatives that promote greater corporate sustainability, transparency and accountability

Pax World has engaged companies on such issues as:

  • Board Diversity
  • Climate Change
  • Disclosure of Lobbying Policies & Practices
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Women’s Empowerment Principles

We also engage in public policy advocacy where we believe change is necessary to preserve or advance shareowner rights and promote better environmental, social and governance performance.

Proxy Voting

As shareowners in the companies we hold, we are entitled to vote on items on their annual proxy at each year’s annual shareholder meeting. Each year, Pax World votes on hundreds of ballot items put forth by company management and shareholders ranging from board of director elections, executive compensation and capital structure to environmental and social issues.

We seek to vote each proxy in a way that is consistent with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Pax World exercises our proxy voting responsibility seriously, as it provides another avenue through which to promote improved financial performance and improved ESG policies and practices at companies. Read about our Proxy Voting Guidelines

We vote our proxies and file shareholder resolutions on issues including board diversity, climate change, privacy and data security and political accountability.

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