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Policies and Terms of Use

Guiding Principles

The relationship between Pax World Management LLC and our clients is the most important asset of our firm. We strive to maintain your trust and confidence in our firm, an essential aspect of which is our commitment to protect your personal information to the best of our ability. We believe that all of our clients value their privacy, so we will not disclose your personal information to anyone unless it is required by law, at your direction, or is necessary to provide you with financial services. We have not and will not sell your personal information to anyone.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information That We Collect, Maintain and Communicate

Pax World Management LLC collects and maintains your personal information so we can provide investment management services to you. The types and categories of information we collect and maintain about you include:

  • Information we receive from you to open an account or provide investment advice to you (such as your name, home address, telephone number, marital status, social security number, name and social security number of beneficiaries, occupation and employment information, and tax bracket and other financial information, and investment history, including any information contained in subscription documents or investor questionnaires).
  • Information that we generate to service your account (such as trade tickets and account statements).
  • Information that we may receive from third parties with respect to your account (such as information which we may receive from your investment advisors, attorneys, accountants or other financial advisors).

In order for us to provide these services to you, we do disclose your personal information in very limited instances, which include:

  • Disclosures to companies – subject to strict confidentiality agreements – that perform services on our behalf (such as our technology consultants who assist us in maintaining our computer systems).
  • Disclosures to companies as permitted by law, including those necessary to service your account (such as providing account information to outside legal counsel, to other broker-dealers with whom you maintain an account or to custodians).
  • Disclosures to regulatory agencies as permitted by law, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Treasury Department, and state securities commissions. These agencies may make official requests from time to time regarding customer accounts and trading activity, to which we are obligated to respond.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

To fulfill our privacy commitment at Pax World Management LLC, we have instituted firm-wide practices to safeguard the information that we maintain about you. These include:

  • Adopting policies and procedures that put in place physical, electronic, and other safeguards to keep your personal information safe.
  • Limiting access to personal information to those employees who need it to perform their job duties.
  • Requiring third parties that perform services for us to agree by contract to keep your information strictly confidential.
  • Protecting information of our former clients to the same extent as our current clients.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy commitment, please contact Maureen Conley at Pax World Management LLC at 603-431-8022, x7388.

Web Site User Agreement:

Security: The Pax World Funds protect your personal information when you transact business on the “Account Access” portion of our Web site by requiring the use of a browser software program that supports 128-bit encryption. The “128-bit” designation refers to the length of the key used to encrypt the data being transmitted, with a longer key representing a higher level of security.

E-mail: The Pax World Funds do not sell its customers’ e-mail addresses, nor will we provide your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes. The Pax World Funds will not send you e-mail without first receiving your permission, unless it relates to servicing your account or in response to e-mails received by the Pax World Funds.

Cookies: Cookies may be used to gather non-personal usage statistics such as how many new, repeat, and total visitors use our Web site and what usage patterns visitors from various referrers follow.

The Pax World Funds reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy at any time. We suggest that you review this policy periodically for changes. You can access it from the link on our homepage or at the bottom of our other Web site pages. It is understood that by accessing our Web site after we have posted changes to this policy, you are agreeing to accept the changes.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us for more information.

Online Security

Our Online Account Access Service has been developed using Internet encryption technology to provide one of the most secured methods of transferring information available via the Internet. Your Internet browser must be able to support 128-bit encryption and be Secure Socket Layer (SSL) compliant. SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape Communications to compensate for the lack of data protection in place on the Internet. The SSL protocol is based on encryption technology developed by RSA, Inc.

SSL will allow you to obtain information from the Online Account Access Service in an encrypted manner. This means that all data transmitted to your SSL-capable Web browser and vice-versa will be completely encrypted even while traveling across multiple networks.

Terms of Use

This Web site is intended for residents of the United States only. Information contained within this site is not an offer to sell or a solicitation or offer to buy any security, nor shall any security be offered to any person, in any state, country, or other jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, purchase, or sale would be unlawful under the securities laws of any such state, country, or other jurisdiction.

Mutual fund share prices fluctuate, and there is no guarantee that the goal of any fund will be achieved. Mutual fund shares are redeemable at the then current net asset value, which may be more or less than their original cost. Certain types of funds, known as money market funds, seek to maintain a value of $1.00 per share, but there can be no assurance that they will maintain such value. Investments in the Pax World mutual funds are not FDIC insured; are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, any financial institution; and are subject to risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.

For more information on any of our funds, call 1-800-767-1729, contact your investment representative, or download a prospectus, which contains important information about a fund’s investment goal, sales charges, expenses, and risk considerations. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.

Social Media

Terms & Conditions

As SEC-registered investment advisers, Pax World Management LLC (Pax World) and its subsidiaries, including Pax Ellevate Management LLC, operate within a highly-regulated environment. We therefore may not generally be able to respond to posted comments.

The information provided on social media is offered for informational purposes only, and is not investment advice. It is not an offer to sell or a solicitation or offer to buy any security, nor shall any security be offered to any person, in any state, country, or other jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, purchase, or sale would be unlawful under the securities laws of any such state, country, or other jurisdiction. It is intended for residents of the United States only.

Please note that investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee future success.

Opinions, statements, or views posted by fans on our social media sites are not adopted or endorsed by Pax World and do not represent the views of Pax World or its management.

Posting Guidelines

Do not use Pax World social media to request transactions, ask account-specific questions, or to discuss customer service issues.

It’s important to note that we don’t provide customer service support through social media. If you would like to open an account, have questions or would like to make a transaction, please contact Pax World directly at

In addition, Pax World will not treat any version of any social media posting as a formal complaint. To register a complaint, please contact Pax World directly at

We welcome disagreement and constructive criticism, but please avoid using abusive, defamatory, offensive, or inappropriate language, and treat others and their views with respect.

Other than your name, please don’t share any personal information or details about your account. This includes avoiding sharing personal information about others.

Industry regulations prevent us from posting testimonials, including stories about how well (or poorly) people have done by investing with Pax World or any other investment company.

Industry regulations prevent us from posting specific investment guidance. Please do not post stock tips or specific mutual fund recommendations.

Pax World is not affiliated with any social media sites or services. We also do not control or endorse any of the advertising messages you may see on social media. These advertisements are published by the social media sites or services, and are outside of our control. The sites or services maintain their own privacy policies, and are responsible for protecting your privacy. These policies, and their implementation, are outside of our control. Pax World bears no responsibility for any breaches of your privacy that you may encounter as a result of your activity on social media.

Pax World reserves the right to remove posts at its sole discretion if any of these guidelines are violated or for other reasons not specified above.

Third Party Content

Pax World makes information of third parties available via links using social media, including articles, news reports, calculation tools, company information and data about financial markets, including the New York Stock Exchange and other financial markets and other information (the “Third Party Content”). As a social media user you acknowledge and agree that the Third Party Content is not created or endorsed by Pax World nor any business offering products or services through it. The provision of Third Party Content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or solicitation to purchase or sell any security or make any other type of investment or investment decision. In addition, the Third Party Content is not intended to provide tax, legal or investment advice. You further acknowledge that the Third Party Content provided to you is obtained from sources believed to be reliable and that no guarantees are made by Pax World or the providers of the Third Party Content as to its accuracy, completeness, timeliness. You agree not to hold Pax World, any business offering products or services through Pax World or any provider of Third Party Content liable for any investment decision or other transaction you may make based on your reliance on or use of such data, or any liability that may arise due to delays or interruptions in the delivery of the Third Party Content for any reason.

Trademarks and Copyrights

Third Party Content is the property of its respective provider or its licensor and is protected by applicable copyright law as set forth below. As a social media user you agree not to reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, sell, distribute, publish, broadcast, circulate or commercially exploit the Third Party Content in any manner without the express written consent of the Third Party Content Provider.

ALPS Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with any social media sites or services.