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Pax High Yield Bond Fund Company Examples

Across all Pax World Funds, we fully integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment analysis and portfolio construction. Here are a few Pax High Yield Bond Fund fixed-income securities that we believe are promoting positive community or environmental outcomes.

TerraForm Power, Inc.

TerraForm Power is a pure-play owner and operator of clean power generation assets.

  • 63% of the company’s generation capacity is utility-scale wind
  • 37% of the company’s generation capacity is utility-scale solar
  • Total renewable energy generation capacity is more than 3,600 megawatts

The company plans to grow by acquiring, owning and operating solar and wind assets and will play a direct role in meeting the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement and state-level renewable portfolio standard mandates.

Standard Industries Inc.

Standard Industries manufactures sustainable and innovative roofing solutions.

  • The company manufactures DecoTech solar roofing, which is used in residential and commercial applications.
  • Unlike traditional bracket-mounted solar systems, the company’s roofing is meant to be an integrated solar system installed as part of a customer’s roof.


Pax High Yield Bond Fund Top 10 Holdings
(As of 06/30/2019)
 Portfolio %
Altice France Sa, 7.375%, 5/1/26 0.90
Fly Leasing, Ltd., 6.375%, 10/15/21 0.90
Air Canada, 7.750%, 04/15/21 0.80
Standard Industries, Inc., 6.000%, 10/15/25 0.70
Prestige Brands, Inc., 6.375%, 3/1/24 0.70
Sirius Xm Radio, Inc., 5.375%, 7/15/26 0.70
Parkland Fuel Corp., 6.000%, 4/1/26 0.70
Performance Food Group, Inc. 5.500%, 6/1/24 0.70
New Red Finance, Inc., 5.000%, 10/15/25 0.70
Party City Holdings Inc., 6.625%, 8/1/26 0.70

Holdings are subject to change.