April 2, 2019

CNBC – Investing with Equal Pay in Mind May Be More Difficult Than You Think

Are funds that bill themselves as gender-focused voting accordingly? Lorie Konish takes a look at a recent analysis of three, including the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s […]
April 2, 2019

The Wall Street Journal – Funds Don’t Always Vote for Policies They Publicly Back

Reporter Asjylyn Loder mentions the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund proxy voting record in this article about recent Morningstar analysis of the intentionality behind gender-themed […]
April 1, 2019

Green Money Journal – Board Diversity: Time’s Up on Good Intentions

If companies don’t want mandates then gender diversity must become more than a talking point, says Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing Julie Gorte.
April 1, 2019

Morningstar Blog – Gender-Diversity Funds: How Strong Are Their Intentions?

Morningstar examined the voting records of three gender-focused funds, including the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund, in search of clues as to the funds’ intentionality. […]
April 1, 2019
Men and women in a conference room

Board Diversity: Time’s Up on Good Intentions

If companies don’t want to be held accountable by mandates, then gender diversity needs to become more than a talking point.
March 26, 2019
a mountainside burning in a wildfire

Does the PG&E Bankruptcy Really Indicate That Sustainable Investing is a Mess?

One recent news article posits that the PG&E bankruptcy has exposed “blindspots” in sustainable investing, while another argues that sustainability analysis can help investors identify companies that may be skating on thin ice. Can both views be true?
March 25, 2019
Looking into Silicon Valley, California, at dusk

How One Tech Company Went from Laggard to Leader on Gender

Getting serious about gender diversity and equality requires talk and action. This Silicon Valley company has been doing a lot of both.
March 14, 2019

Adapt or Dry

A continually warming climate means more water stress for humans: too much of it in some places, too little of it in others. And that brings new risks — and opportunities — for investors.
March 14, 2019
drop of water dripping from faucet

Leaving No One Behind Is an Opportunity for Investors

Climate change, pollution and a growing population are key players in water investment momentum, and the investment opportunities are surprisingly diverse and resilient.
March 9, 2019

MarketWatch – If We Don’t Close the Economic Gender Gap, We’re Leaving Money on the Table

Reporter Amit Bouri points readers to the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund as an option for investors interested in helping to drive gender equality.