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Women & Wealth - Sponsored by Pax Management LLC

Helping Advisors Help Female Clients

Women & Wealth is a practice management platform that provides financial advisors with tools and resources to help them better serve their female clients.

It was created in recognition that women are underserved by the financial advice industry:

  • Women now control about 30 percent of the world’s wealth.1
  • Yet, over 70 percent of women are “most dissatisfied” with the financial services industry over any other industry.2
By helping advisors become more responsive to women’s financial issues and concerns, Women & Wealth seeks to help financial advisors strengthen their client relationships and the value they provide to their female clients.

Advisor Tools

Through Women & Wealth, you have access to several tools designed to help evaluate your current book of business and strengthen your relationships with female clients and prospects.

Assessing Your Clients

A questionnaire to help you gain a deeper understanding of your book of business.

Better Client Meetings

Helpful suggestions to enhance the quality of your client engagements.

Organizing Focus Groups for Women

A guide to planning wealth management discussions for a small groups of female clients.

Segmenting Your Female Clients

A tool to help you profile your female clients and think about the various roles they are playing today.

If you want to better serve your female clients, ask your regional representative about Women & Wealth today.

1 Boston Consulting Group, “Global Wealth 2016: Navigating the New Client Landscape,” June 15, 2016.
2 United Capital Financial Life Management, “What You’re Really Thinking: Understanding the Financial Lives of Women,” 2016.