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Ran Leshem

Ran Leshem

Aperio Group, Portfolio Manager, Pax ESG Beta® Quality Fund and Pax ESG Beta® Dividend Fund

Ran Leshem is a member of the Pax ESG Beta Quality Fund and Pax ESG Beta Dividend Fund portfolio management team. At Aperio Group LLC (Aperio), subadviser of the Pax ESG Beta Quality Fund and Pax ESG Beta Dividend Fund, Ran is Chief Investment Officer. He oversees the portfolio management and operations of Aperio’s US, foreign, and global products. Ran has extensive experience in applying quantitative techniques and information technology to complex operational problems. Prior to joining Aperio in 2006, Ran was a Manager, Operating Strategy, at the Gap, Inc.

With Aperio co-authors Lisa Goldberg and Patrick Geddes, Ran was awarded a Harry M. Markowitz Distinction Award by the Journal of Investment Management for “Restoring Value to Minimum Variance” in 2014. He also co-authored “Optimizing Value” with Lisa Goldberg and Alan Cummings, which was published in The Journal of Portfolio Management in 2016. Along with Lisa Goldberg and Michael Branch, he wrote “Factoring Probability,” published in Risk-Based and Factor Investing in 2015.

Ran received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, Canada, where he received the Hewlett Packard Award for academic excellence. He received his MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

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