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Prospectus Statement of Add'l Information Annual Report Semi Annual Report
Pax World Funds | XBRL
ESG Managers | XBRL
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Fact Sheet Performance Commentary Quarterly Holdings Proxy Voting Records
Balanced Fund
Growth Fund
Small Cap Fund
High Yield Bond Fund
Global Environmental Markets Fund
Pax MSCI International ESG Index Fund
Pax Ellevate Global Women's Index Fund
ESG Managers® Growth Portfolio
ESG Managers® Growth and Income Portfolio
ESG Managers® Balanced Portfolio
ESG Managers® Income Portfolio

The following brochures are available for you and your clients:

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The Value of Partnering With Pax World
Sustainable Investing Brochure
Sustainable Investing Overview
Pax World Global Environmental Markets Fund Brochure
ESG Managers® Portfolios Brochure